Dr. Ryan Paul

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ryan Paul, PhD, MSGH is an accomplished infectious disease and pharmaceutical epidemiologist, known for his expertise in global public health and work within vulnerable and marginalized patient populations. With an unwavering commitment to improving healthcare systems around the world, he has built a career dedicated to driving immediate impact and positive change. Dr. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Holden Fitzgerald. He leads a global public health practice that specializes in health system reform and capacity building with a particular focus in pharmaceutical and pharmacotherapy management. Under his visionary leadership, Holden Fitzgerald has become a trusted partner for governments, organizations, and communities seeking to transform their health systems. Driven by a belief in the power of local communities, Dr. Ryan and his team employ an innovative approach known as anchor strategy, which utilizes a place-based methodology to address complex health challenges and cultivate sustainable change. Dr. Ryan’s extensive research and fieldwork have earned him recognition as a leading expert in infectious diseases, [NTDs] and pharmaceutical epidemiology. His thorough understanding of disease transmission dynamics, coupled with his expertise in analyzing drug utilization patterns, enables him to make informed decisions and develop evidence-based interventions that have a lasting impact on public health. Throughout his career, Dr. Ryan has actively collaborated with governmental agencies, international organizations, and local communities to implement effective public health policies and strategies. His collaborative and inclusive approach has not only fostered partnerships but also empowered communities to take charge of their health outcomes. Dr. Ryan’s dedication to global public health is exemplary, and his work has undoubtedly shaped the trajectory of healthcare systems worldwide. Through his leadership and passion, he continues to drive impactful change, leaving a lasting positive legacy in the field of public health.

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