Cost Management

Work with a smarter, better GPO.

Increase Efficiencies, Revenue and Financial Performance.

Effectively address fluctuating margins by leveraging Holden Fitzgerald’s comprehensive analysis of clinical, financial, operational, and supply chain data. Our tailored insights empower precise and impactful strategies to enhance margins, optimizing both costs and revenue streams.

How Holden Fitzgerald Creates Value.

Margin-minded Consultants

Achieve tangible results with Holden Fitzgerald as your trusted healthcare improvement partner. Leveraging our unparalleled data, cutting-edge technology, and specialized healthcare expertise, we deliver impactful margin enhancement solutions from the outset, ensuring immediate value for your organization.

Automate for Efficiency

Automating processes boosts productivity. With Holden Fitzgerald, streamline procure-to-pay tasks like contracting, ordering, invoicing, and payment on a user-friendly cloud platform.

Optimize Your Workforce

With Holden Fitzgerald’s data-driven solutions, optimize your workforce and potentially achieve a remarkable 14:1 ROI without compromising care quality. Many partners quickly identify improvements and reduce labor costs.

Manage Physician Enterprise

Empower physicians, medical group leaders, and hospital executives with transformative strategies tailored to meet their dynamic needs. Our Physician Enterprise team offers cost-effective insights grounded in data, driving impactful decision-making.

Cost Management Solutions

Cost Management



Holden Fitzgerald ERP is the unique healthcare-centric cloud platform handling day-to-day health system operations. With Holden Fitzgerald supply chain data and clinical insights, it drives performance improvement enterprise-wide, tackling cost management challenges now and in the future.

Cost Management

Procure to Pay


With Holden Fitzgerald streamline your procure-to-pay process effortlessly. Our intuitive platform, powered by cutting-edge AI and digital technology, drives margin improvement while saving you time and money.

Cost Management

Financial Decision Support


Holden Fitzgerald technology empowers you to visualize performance improvement opportunities through integrated analytics for budgeting and financial reporting. Our robust reporting capabilities offer leaders timely and actionable insights. With Holden Fitzgerald Financial Reporting and Cost Accounting solutions, sustain margin improvement by focusing on impactful areas of opportunity.

Cost Management

Supply Chain Analytics


Leverage our unmatched solutions for a resilient supply chain. With decades of healthcare expertise and over 100 billion real-time data points from 4,400+ hospitals nationwide, our analytics drive savings and fortify your organization against current and future healthcare challenges.

Cost Management

Workforce Management


Manage margins without compromising outcomes using the Holden Fitzgerald platform. Our business intelligence optimizes resources while maintaining quality. Identify and address waste in workforce expenses to drive margin improvement and sustain continuous enhancement for your organization, staff, and patients.

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