Designing Patient-First Care

Seamlessly transition to a new model of patient care.

Focused, Targeted, and Award-Winning

Our assessment and strategy work provides targeted guidance to help you succeed in value-based payment models, transition to evidence-based practices, and optimize financial performance.

Value-Based Care Solutions

At Holden Fitzgerald, our ability to assess reimbursement scenarios and build financial models based on market dynamics can make your transition to value-based care, both easier and frankly, less risky. Let our claims analysis, care redesign, coordination and infrastructure solutions and experts help you develop the most effective value-based care and alternative payment model capabilities. We’ll guide you on your way to savings and quality gains

Wondering if Holden Fitgerald Can Help You Maximize Value-Based Care?

Call us to learn how you can generate shared savings and quality gains through our value-based care modeling.

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