Lucia Vasikova,


MPH Associate Director

I am a healthcare professional, pharmacist, in the pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years of working experience.
My skills and expertise are built on a strong base – the education, the knowledge and the experience in:

  • clinical research & drug development
  • drug manufacturing & distribution
  • pharmaceutical care
  • advisory in: diseases prevention, legislation & regulatory, contracts & budgets insights, various GxP
  • management: people, projects, vendors, and company
  • regions: Europe, US, APAC, country-specific: Slovakia, Czech Republic

Currently, I specialize in pharma:

  • Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Disease Prevention
  • Pharmaceutical care

I love my days having a strict schedule being attacked by unexpected changes, new experience, challenges, interesting people and their ideas or needs. I learn fast, I identify, analyze processes and problems, map those, find solutions, and drive the change by myself or leading teams to do so. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others, supporting the developement, moving things around and ahead, connecting old with new, and implementing innovations.

Of course, it only works in a flexible open minded working environment that is able to transparently share visions, including failures, and is not fixed to rigid pathways, structures, and leaders. The place that allows thinking outside of the box, cross-functions, brainstorming, and flexibility in problem-solving vs constant financial growth or progress stagnation.

In my free time: I am a certified Nordic Walking trainer and have nordic walked around 4500km, discovering nice places on foot. Keeping my hands busy with mixed media and art journaling as my creative flow. To meditate and brainwash I read non-fiction, do Slovak Folklore embroidery, and practice daily mindfulness in nature.

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