Holden Fitzgerald’s technology platform delivering smarter, faster and better care.

The Holden Fitzgerald Difference: Technology

Until today, it was virtually impossible to integrate data and analytics with developing AI technology to deliver evidence-based insights at the point of care while reducing cost variability. This platform delivers evidence-based results, and integrates with most EMR’s, meaning your quality improvement and cost-reduction programs will experience results faster than ever before.

A Bigger Database

Benchmark your way to better performance, by tapping into best practices and one of the largest comparative databases in the U.S. — with information on 45 percent of discharges annually.

Insights You Can Use

We acquire and manage your clinical, financial and operational data, transforming it into insights that help you improve performance across the continuum of care.

Performance Made Perfect

Our platform includes a wide range of capabilities that generate actionable insights in clinical performance improvement and total cost management.

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Capability Spotlight

Enterprise Resource Planning

Work with the only ERP that was built with a health system in mind.

Physician Practice Management

Our unique perspective on the physician enterprise allows us to engineer operational and financial success across practices.

Clinical Surveillance

Uniquely complement your EHR. Immediately act on opportunities to protect your patient population.

Service Line Analytics

Health system leaders can quickly pinpoint high-value opportunities to generate savings while maintaining or improving quality.

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