Connecting People, Data and Knowledge

Holden Fitzgerald Strategic Collaboratives partner with healthcare organizations to navigate the value continuum journey. Our proven model connects people, data, and knowledge to create sustainable success in healthcare.

Holden Fitzgerald's Health Equity Collaborative utilizes patient-specific social determinants of health data, analytics, individual assessments, and peer learning to drive innovation, engagement, and community health improvement within health systems.

Holden Fitzgerald CJR Collaborative member hospitals have achieved an impressive 71% higher average savings compared to other participating CJR hospitals nationwide, demonstrating exceptional performance within the industry.

Holden Fitzgerald's QUEST® hospitals excel, achieving a 29% higher performance in value-based purchasing payments compared to non-Holden Fitzgerald hospitals.

We enhance patient health outcomes and care experiences by facilitating collaboration among providers to share ideas and best practices.

Through our applied sciences division, these collaboratives harness collective intelligence to expedite learning and foster collaboration across the healthcare landscape, cultivating sustainable strategies.

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