Applied Sciences

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Healthcare Technology is Evolving

The Holden Fitzgerald Applied Sciences® group significantly contributes to our healthcare provider education efforts. Their support positions us well to deliver on our promise of a better patient experience and improved clinical outcomes.

Unparalleled Data

Our best-in-class database is comprised of over 20 years of de-identified data that contains more than 1 billion data points representing 25% of U.S. inpatient discharges and 2.7 billion outpatient encounters from more than 1,300 sites.

Team of Experts

Our research team includes clinicians, epidemiologists, health economists, health services researchers, statisticians and other subject matter experts who share a common goal: helping answer tomorrow’s healthcare questions.

Leading Research Partner

Our leadership position is demonstrated by analyses Healthcare Database (HD) in over 800 peer-reviewed publications including more than 195 articles written by Premier authors in multiple therapeutic and quality improvement areas, an increase of 65% since 2020.

Did you know?

In the past 3 years, our publication rate increased 65% with the number of articles published.

Applied Science Solutions

Applied Science


Birth Mother Data Linked to Newborn Data

Transform maternal and infant health research with the most comprehensive dataset.

Applied Science


Enhancing Connectivity for Comprehensive Patient Care

“Integrating birth mother and newborn data optimizes healthcare, offering insights for personalized care, fostering collaboration, and improving overall outcomes.”

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