Social Programs

Social Programs

The health and well being of individuals and communities are determined by a complex and interdependent array of social factors.

Disproportionate burdens of poor health outcomes on vulnerable communities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated health inequities. In the US alone, racial and socioeconomic inequities, established drivers of health inequity, have a demonstrable link to disparate COVID-19–related health outcomes, from testing rates to mortality. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the cost of health inequities—a cost that is heavily borne by the most vulnerable.

Children, youth and families

As children, youth, and family services experts, we address complex issues like safety, permanency, and well-being across the globe. We offer targeted solutions, training, and tools to develop and implement successful programs. We also work in refugee health and their care provider network to develop strategies to improve safety for both families and unaccompanied minors.

Affordable housing and the unhoused

Ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable housing is key to building stable communities. Our multidisciplinary teams bring expertise in community revitalization, homeless crisis response systems, affordable housing, data analysis and planning, program design, training and technical assistance (TTA), and evaluation. We build state and local capacity to meet the needs of their unhoused populations, achieve their affordable housing goals, and transform their neighborhoods by addressing complex problems effectively.

Economic development

Social and economic conditions are major determinants of health. Income, wealth, education, employment, neighborhood conditions and social policies interact in complex ways to affect our biology, health- related behaviors, environmental exposures, and availability and use of medical services. We develop clear, accurate, and engaging financial education tools and resources. Our materials help financial coaches and other professionals and volunteers work with the people they serve to navigate the full range of financial issues within a community.

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