Michael Campbell,


PharmD Chief Operating Officer

I have been in healthcare for over 18 years and have worked with thousands of patients. The one thing I love to do is to make a difference in healthcare. I was exposed to healthcare when I was a teenager and learned healthcare can change every day. It is my passion to make an immediate impact on the future of healthcare by focusing on patient safety and value-based care.

My CUSTOMERS including the following:

  • Patient
  • Patient Families
  • Pharmacy Staff
  • Hospital Administration

I am fortunate to work in a hospital where the Director of Pharmacy is greatly engaged with the C-Suite. This provides me an opportunity to provide input into the payer model and provide a different perspective on reimbursement, which ultimately benefits the entire hospital.

The SERVICES I provide include:

  • Relevant and timely Clinical Initiatives
  • Transitions of Care
  • Financial perspective in Bundled Payments
  • Innovation in Value-based Care

These KEY INITIATIVES highlight my Leadership in Pharmacy, including:

  • Develop strategies to combine finance with Best Practices for clinical outcomes
  • Utilize the team staff to take ownership in new hires
  • Adopt a decentralized model for medication reconciliation
  • Implement patient processes to facilitate safety and improved outcomes

Along with these initiatives, my ACCOMPLISHMENTS include:

  • Separated Licensure for Children’s Hospital Loma Linda
  • Set up Purchasing Department at Children’s Hospital Loma Linda
  • Set up an IV Room to meet USP 800 Regulations
  • Implemented Robotic Technology to increase patient safety & reduce waste

Lastly, innovation is a key success factor in healthcare. I like new ideas. “Let’s try” is not a bad strategy. As long as we maintain high standards and conduct healthcare with integrity and trust, WE will make a difference.

I can be reached at 909-528-9275 or by email at mscampbellwv@gmail.com.

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