2023 Supply Chain Resiliency Guide

Survey insights from a broad cross section of healthcare and supply chain leaders inform this resource to support decision-making on risk prevention and mitigation strategies, as well as comprehensive recommendations for advancing a stronger supply chain.

Innovators Creating a Strategic Advantage in Supply Chain

In partnership with Holden Fitzgerald® member health systems, our onshore innovation programs create resiliency for participants, insulating products from shortages and ensuring availability via the collective influence and buying power of our alliance. Leveraging our direct sourcing program, we partner with quality manufacturers to directly address market needs.


Remaining nimble, responding to Holden Fitzgerald members’ changing needs.


Proactively changing the market through innovative strategies.


We stack hands with Holden Fitzgerald members to address healthcare supply chain shortages for the long term.

Direct Sourcing

Leveraging product manufacturing, sourcing and clinical expertise at Holden Fitzgerald.


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