Bethel Okeke,


Assoicate Director

Bethel Okeke is a dedicated pharmacist with a passion for enhancing public health through vigilant pharmacovigilance and strategic supply chain management. Currently, Bethel serves as a vital member of the Pharmacovigilance Directorate at NAFDAC, specializing in monitoring adverse drug reactions and adverse effects following immunization. The mission? Safeguarding health by ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical interventions. In addition to expertise in pharmacovigilance, Bethel is a certified Supply Chain Analyst who has successfully orchestrated efficient vaccine allocation strategies. Pride lies in the contribution to optimizing vaccine distribution in primary healthcare centers—a crucial step towards ensuring every individual has access to life-saving immunizations. Commitment to learning and growth has led Bethel to become a Trained Information Manager, thanks to the prestigious WHO, UNICEF, and GAVI programs. The title of Implementation Researcher, granted by TDR and WHO, adds to the credentials. These achievements empower Bethel not only to understand complex health systems but also to design and execute initiatives that drive impactful change. What truly ignites Bethel’s enthusiasm is the prospect of enhancing vaccine access and acceptability. Firmly believing that collaboration with visionary firms, impassioned NGOs, and forward-thinking government institutions can collectively elevate the quality of life for citizens across the globe, Bethel aims to unite efforts for a lasting difference. Is there shared passion about public health and innovative solutions? Bethel is open to forging partnerships, sharing insights, and brainstorming ideas that can transform healthcare landscapes. Together, aspirations can turn into reality. Email:

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